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Metal & beer is the flavour of the week

Imagine my surprise when today I saw that not one, but TWO metal bands announced they were teaming up with well known craft brewers to release their own special, limited edition brews.  BLABBERMOUTH.NET – AMON AMARTH Beer Now Available

Swedish viking metallers Amon Amarth and Indiana’s 3 Floyds brewing have announced the release of an imperial/strong porter called Ragnarok. Taking a look at the cover of their album Twilight of the Thunder Gods you can see that it is quite an appropriate name. My friend Stone over at Metal Odyssey has a great review of this album, here.



New Belgium brewing company also announced that they are due to release their latest beer in their Lips of Faith series with hard-rockers Clutch. The beer is described as a 9%ABV dark, sour ale with the brewery describing it as  “A pronounced bass line of dark chocolate, coffee and black malts bridge the sourness of our dark wood ale for a fluid riff.”



BLABBERMOUTH.NET – CLUTCH Teams Up With NEW BELGIAN Brewing For Brand New Dark And Sour Ale.

The Ace of Spades….

Motorhead is such an iconic rock band, their sound is unmistakable and what you see is definitely what you get. I last saw Motorhead when they toured Australia with Motley Crue, back in maybe 2005/2006. They were then and are to this day the loudest band I have ever heard. Straight up rock n roll, Lemmy is GOD!

Late last year Motorhead Shiraz was launched across Sweden and the rest of Scandanavia and has been very succesful to date. As of this past Friday, there has been a major development for that wine, that I’m very excited to say I have a part in. I can’t give to much away right now, but watch this space for future announcements.

Andy Gould – Band Manager, Wine Lover

I came across this great interview with my friend Andy Gould, manager of Rob Zombie and previously artists as diverse as Guns n Roses, Lionel Richie and Morrisey.

I met Andy earlier this year, he’s a good friend of Rick Sales (Slayer’s Manager). I invited Rick, Andy and some other friends of theirs to come to a special luncheon we had going at Rockford Wines. It was a great day, Andy is such a natural story teller, he had the rest of the guests at the lunch eating up his every word with stories of the music business. A few days later we were at the Soundwaves festival in Adelaide, watching Rob Zombie’s show and Andy grabbed my arm and said “Follow me.” We go out into the crowd and up into the front of house sound booth to watch the rest of the show, which is a great vantage point to watch a band. I really got to take in the whole Zombie performance and Rob puts on quite a spectacular show, with lighting, video and on-stage theatrics. The highlight for me though was later on Andy introduced me to Rob and John 5, great guys. We all ended up heading out to a strip club later that night, which made for a memorable evening indeed. Andy is a real wine lover, as you’ll hear in this interview and I hope to work with him in the future on a Zombie wine project.

Until next time, keep your horns raised!


Chief Distortion Officer

The Wine Importer

So far in my blogging journey while I’ve touched on the wine side of Distorted Beverages it has really only been in passing. I love wine. It was the first real alcoholic beverage, or any beverage for that matter that I wanted to learn about and better understand. I’ve spent years, literally, tasting, reading, talking about and most importantly listening to the thoughts of others about wine. It is a complex and intricate subject.

Lately, however I’ve had a problem. I have found that my interest and excitement for wine has been replaced by craft beer. Now, this in itself is not the problem. The problem is that for quite some time, at least the past couple of years wine to me has been boring. Worse than that though I’ve become truly tired of pretentious wine drinkers and commentators. I don’t care how many bottles are in your cellar, how much you paid for that bottle of Grange or what wine scored the highest points in some critics new edition of their book. It doesn’t matter. Wine is the pure expression of the conditions in which it was grown, a great wine makers job is simply to harness that and do their best to stay out-of-the-way. Sadly many wine makers and so-called experts have become blind to this.

It was refreshing then and to be honest a relief that I came across this great blog by Joe Dressner, The Wine Importer. Joe has a very honest and down to earth opinion on wine and the way in which the wine industry has gone. In this particular blog post there is one paragraph that I would like to highlight that I was so happy to read.

Because the wine is not about me and not about my palate. Wine is not a vehicle for egomania, boastfulness and self-promotion. All the great “tasters” I have known are able to submerge their ego and understand what is in the bottle. Where it came from and where it is going. And they’ve done that without charts, tasting wheels or tortured prose likening wine to 57 different fruits (the Heinz Variety Tasting method).

Trust me when I say that this entire article is definitely worth reading. I interpret its point as simply being, “Ignore the clutter and noise, forget about trying to impress and enjoy the wine in front of you for what it is.”

Amen Joe.

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