The Ace of Spades….

Motorhead is such an iconic rock band, their sound is unmistakable and what you see is definitely what you get. I last saw Motorhead when they toured Australia with Motley Crue, back in maybe 2005/2006. They were then and are to this day the loudest band I have ever heard. Straight up rock n roll, Lemmy is GOD!

Late last year Motorhead Shiraz was launched across Sweden and the rest of Scandanavia and has been very succesful to date. As of this past Friday, there has been a major development for that wine, that I’m very excited to say I have a part in. I can’t give to much away right now, but watch this space for future announcements.

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This blog is about starting my heavy metal based wine and beer company, Distorted Beverages. This blog will cover my thoughts, experiences, trials & tribulations and most importantly triumphs in this new, exciting adventure. View all posts by distortedbeveragesblog

2 responses to “The Ace of Spades….

  • 80smetalman

    I saw Motorhead in 1985 and when they played they were very good. Problem was that Lemmy ruined what could have been an historic night by constantly moaning about the sound throughout the entire show. It got to the point where I was saying to myself, “You sound ok to me, just shut up and play.” As a result I have to say that the Stormtroopers of Death blew them off the stage that night.
    However, there is a happy ending. I saw them 8 months later at the 1986 Dolnnington festival and they redeemed themselves.

  • metalodyssey

    My ultimate Motörhead experience was the Overkill, Motörhead and Slayer show at the West Hartford Ballroom in Connecticut… back around 1986. Good times.

    Motörhead + Beer = Rock and Roll Bliss. 🙂

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